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Game #916 | Team Game #1

    $eeR vs      rickyroo222 vs      gladis vs      Skuns453Lirik902 vs      DreadReapr vs      Nemesis_Zero

I would like to 

Match Details
Rating  2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:6
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 76
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 $eeRNecromancerTigrans21300here
1 rickyroo222RogueGoblins21100here
1 gladisTheocratOrcs21800here
2 Skuns453Lirik902NecromancerTigrans1-180-40here
2 DreadReaprWarlordGoblins1-160-40here
2 Nemesis_ZeroSorcererElves100-79here

Posts to the game:

Published on 2019-03-06 06:31:03
| Geschrieben von gladis

As we mentioned, you simply can speed up with 1-2 clicks. Sometimes I need slow combat to see which units are in connection of absorbing pain etc.

Published on 2019-03-06 03:49:21
| Confirmed by $eeR

Bah i hate that slow combat ....... please never use that again

Published on 2019-02-28 19:48:09
| Written by gladis

Games here are usually reported by Default /span>

I will post a longer report probably on the Weekend - Maybe some Players here are interested.
Skuns and Dread for sure had better games than this one, but all of ours enemies were tough competetion though.

Ricky had a decent game, got a big Goblin Vassal early and excellent infrastructure.
I was a bit behind all time and risked lots of Military losses when facing the armies of our enemies, so my Military Points dropped siginficantly one some occassions.

Here are the screenshots of the Points:





Published on 2019-02-25 20:18:19
| Confirmed by Nemesis_Zero

Confirmed by Nemesis_Zero

Didnt know it was ranked :'(

Published on 2019-02-25 12:49:06
| Confirmed by Skuns453Lirik902

Confirmed by Skuns453Lirik902

Published on 2019-02-25 11:16:22
| Written by MARKYMARK

No, he goes after the global ranking, somewhere else he can also give the points differently (in Team ranking) and there (global)
are your two team players in the top 20.

Published on 2019-02-25 00:18:43
| Written by gladis

Ok, then we are lucky

I don´t get why I get more Points than my Teammates. I am listed higher I think, so they should get more Points?

Published on 2019-02-25 00:10:24
| Written by DreadReapr

skuns has three stacks of reapers to kill all your stalkers but he wants to give u the win

Published on 2019-02-25 00:07:28
| Confirmed by gladis

Your Team decided to give up?

Was an interesting game, strong Competition

Published on 2019-02-24 23:20:38

Published on 2019-02-24 23:20:38

Match has been reported, please confirm!

Published on 2019-01-24 22:44:38

well, game seems to be almost over, i suggest a draw 

Published on 2019-01-23 20:13:28

It's still $eer's turn isn't it? 

Published on 2019-01-13 10:57:23

Therefore I attacked this way

But Thunderstorm + Mass Curse is Evil with those Stalkers.

Someone could try this tactic in the Arna mode xD (Me not)

Published on 2019-01-13 10:53:51

this was a bad formation for stalkers, each stack fought on its own.

Published on 2019-01-13 10:50:51

This one was really hard and Devine Justiciars is OP, too

Published on 2019-01-13 10:38:44

the frost aura strenght from darkpact needs a nerf, those stalkers stacks can kill anything

Published on 2019-02-23 10:56:07
| Stupid AI once again - Triumph sucks

1st Dread´s AI casts Greater Life Stealing vs Incorporeals+ 1 Untouchable (which got killed by Fire Breath I think)

2nd Ricky´s AI gets a Critical Failure in trying to disjunc.

3rd My Adivice: Don´t buy Planetfall, guys!

Published on 2018-12-28 03:16:21

Hi guys. I'm going to the vacation from 30 of December to 8 of January. I'll try to play my turns but there is some possibility not be able to do it at all during that period    Sorry for the inconvenience 

Published on 2018-12-22 22:50:23

So as you probably know I will be under way until Wednesday/thursday. Won´t be able to Play.

Nice x-mas guys.

Published on 2018-12-22 14:54:36

I wonder how our fight went out.
My strong Orc Rogue Hero hadn't received the Mind Control immunity Item yet but I buffed him as much as possible (12 resistance and 20% Spirit protection). Fearsome might be crucial, too. But he had 80% shock protection and other good stuff.
Though a successful Domination was very likely. Interesting whether the Orc Priests used Break Control in this case (if still alive )
But I was sure I will win in the end and wanted to support $eer.
That weren't particularly strong units of mine after all.

Your idea of invading our realms was good, but your team lacked cooperation. The other armies didn't attacked seriously (if no surprise attack happens soon), so I could concentrate on your stack and had some Gold Wyvern placed around him.

Thanks for the game!

Published on 2018-12-22 12:15:34

i had 1000+ mana but AI Leader was just wasting all my cp on skirmishes so i could cast a T4 every 3 or 4 turns instead of 2 turns.
I lost 2 cities and could not defend against rickies stalkers and galdis units at home so i decited to attack gladis homedefence and lost with my stack.

There was Ricky and Galdis in my territory. Both would have taken all my towns in the next 2 turns so i had little time to act befor i run dry on mana and loosing all the cp i have build up in the cities with my palaces.

Published on 2018-12-22 09:19:17

@Dread  Yes, I can continue. But it will be so hard to hold back such pressure 

@Nemesis  It's too pity that you've surrendered. If you had a problems with mana I could share with you. You had a decent stack such deep into Seer's domain and had good chances to bring him many troubles  

@Opposite team   I can continue or can surrender. The result is already known   But it was and it still is interesting game session. So I promise you to bring you some big troubles if we'll continue 

Published on 2018-12-22 03:28:18

His leaderstack didn´t left without a fight I think

Published on 2018-12-22 01:58:52

He posted team only: yes gg. Had no chance
I can continue without him, what do u say skuns?

Published on 2018-12-22 08:51:12

yes good game, had no chance

Published on 2018-12-21 22:12:32

What's up, Nemesis surrendered?