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Game #902 | dark vs Skuns

    Skuns453Lirik902 vs      darkapothem

I would like to 

Match Details
Rating  2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:2
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 41
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 Skuns453Lirik902unknownunknown2300here
2 darkapothemunknownunknown100-41here

Posts to the game:

Published on 2019-01-30 04:53:24
| Confirmed by darkapothem

Confirmed by darkapothem

Published on 2019-01-29 19:33:48

Wow, what a shamed final   We didn't do any fight between each other  Before I started this turn, I saw your message and I had a propose to revert few turns but I've realized that it's not possible. And even if it would - you had small chances to win as I could see on score. So, unfortunately, there are no reasons try to save and continue this game. I hope next time both of our leaders will be alive so long time when we could meet and, finally, fight  I wish you all the best and continue to get AoW experience while playing withagainst other players <smiletext23>

Published on 2019-01-29 19:33:47

Match has been reported, please confirm!

Published on 2019-01-29 16:59:37

I lost my throne to a bone dragon stack while my leader was in the void... embarrassing way to end, especially as we were only just now engaging 

Thank you for the game, it was not my best but it was valuable to learn.

Published on 2018-12-28 03:22:39

Hi Dark. I'm going to the vacation from 30 of December to 8 of January. I'll try to play my turns but there is some possibility not be able to do it at all during that period    So I'd appreciate to keep the timer turning off till 8-th. Sorry for the inconvenience  

Published on 2018-12-22 08:50:12

Of course, I'm ok   No problems. Have a good sleep   I just was worried that you could skip your turn because of the timer )

Published on 2018-12-22 05:46:21

I'm home late tonight, if it's okay with you I will turn off the timer for now and play my turn when I wake up tomorrow

Published on 2018-12-05 23:25:20

Great! I just finished my turn, I will turn on timer for 3 days when it comes back to me (so that you are not playing under the timer first)

Published on 2018-12-02 14:09:44

P.P.S. Forgot that you are the host of this session  But I still would prefer to play with the timer  Though I'm not insist 

Published on 2018-12-02 11:37:48

Yes, it would be better to concretize the date when you was supposed to return 
I'm fine with slower players, whatever that means  I don't quite understand what it means regarding you. So if you're ok then I'll turn on 3-days timer. I hope this period of time is acceptable for you  
P.S. Also I hope that when you'll going to your next vacation, you'll specify the number of sundays from the current moment till your returning 

Published on 2018-12-01 23:11:35

Hey Skuns. I just realized that my post in this game and the team game were misleading... I did not put the actual date when I would be back from travel, which was today. I did have a brief window to play last weekend but I did not prioritize this game - although it would have been considerate of me to at least post here to let you know, so I'm sorry that I did not do that.

I don't mean to be inconsiderate by taking up too much time with our game... I am a slower player even at the best of times, so even though I would enjoy continuing our game I would not take it personally if you would rather abandon this game and open the slot for a faster game elsewhere.

Or we could add a turn timer if you like - if there is no turn timer on a game I usually take it as an indication that the other player is okay with a slower pace, but if we do add a turn timer I will follow it and not let turns skip. Up to you.

Published on 2018-11-30 03:57:02

Hi Dark. Is there any significant reason to delay your turn for a week? 

Published on 2018-11-18 08:01:09

Hello friend,

Just to let you know that I'm traveling until Saturday... I'm taking my laptop with me but I don't expect to be able to play much. Sorry for the inconvenience, but after this I should not have to take any breaks for a while!

Published on 2018-11-02 05:43:34

No worries! I was just about to tell you that I am moving this weekend and will be afk until early next week... but it seems like you and I are on the same track

Thank you for your patience, I hope that when the move is finished I will be able to play my turns more quickly!

Published on 2018-10-31 19:23:32

I'll be on vacation from 2 to 5 of November. So I can't play that period of time. Though we play slow game so I hope my vacation will not destroy our game  Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience

Published on 2018-09-18 05:47:21
System notification | dark vs Skuns


turn timer: 3 days

pw: darkSkuns

Published on 2018-09-18 05:47:21
System notification | Information dark vs Skuns

Skuns453Lirik902 joined !!