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How should we use the 31€ remaining after prizes and overheads have been paid?The 31€ are prize money from the 2017 Duel Tourney. See for how the 98€ collected were used and for the 2vs2 Tourney prize pool use for Shadow Demon m2019-01-31
How balanced are the Class Ultimate Spells according to you?UP = underpowered. OP = overpowered. Please bear in mind that they are meant to end games so should be very strong 2019-02-15
What is your opinion on the AoW:Planetfall factions?Read the collected knowledge for more details on each faction:
What do you think about AoW:Planetfall?www.aow-planetfall.com2018-06-21
In what types of tournaments would you participate if they were organized?New tournaments will be organized in 2018 and your opinion can help choose which ones to organize first (multiple answers allowed)2018-05-12
Why haven't you play the new Arena game mode yet?Multiple answers possible2018-04-13
What do you prefer for the characters of the Shadow Realm Community Expansion's Campaign?Familiar characters from the previous campaigns reappearing (for instance Sundren, etc.) to develop them more or new characters to develop my own heroes2018-03-13
What do you hope the new Triumph game will be?Multiple answers possible. Please discuss on the forum if you answer 'Other' 2018-03-08
What Racial Governance (RG) upgrade do you usually take when playing living Goblin?For each RG level, state what you usually take as a non-Necro Goblin (we don't care about other races here)
What are the best mods according to you? Please rate all the mods you know from "To be avoided!" (-2) to "Must have!" (+2). Rate "Don't know" for mods you are unfamiliar with. Please vote only once. Links to the mods:
What name do you prefer for the new team on the Battlefield that is created to attract and consist mainly of beginners?Poll launched by Zytozid2017-11-27
In what types of AoW3 videos are you interested (e.g. on YouTube)? MULTIPLE ANSWERS possible - Videos you have been watching or would like to watch2017-11-11
How user-friendly and effective do you think each of these sections of the Battlefield website are?Check for details2017-10-12
Would you be willing to donate some money to cover the cost of the purchase of 4 models for the Shadow Demon units of the Shadow Realm Community Expansion?The models should be these: (subject to changes). About $100 are necessary.2017-09-15
How best to balance all heroes and their abilities and also make them more interesting? In a previous poll, improving all heroes and their abilities came on top of priorities (
What are your difficulties when playing Necromancer? Necromancer is one of the strongest class. Nerfing it for balance reason can make it too difficult for average players. This poll aims at better understanding everyone's difficulties with it. 2017-05-06
Do you think the mod that removes rapids (blocked water) from the Random Map Generator should be used for tournament games to help classes/races that cannot cross these rapids?It means rapids would be 100% replaced by normal water hexes. The mod is here:
What direction should the Balance Mod take in the coming months?Please choose all the answers you think are important (multiple answers allowed and advised!).The mod:
What classes of hero do you generally refuse if they are proposed on turn 1? (because they are the worst heroes to start with)Multiple answers possible2017-02-15
What are the best mods according to you? You can (and are encouraged) select several mods when you vote. Please vote only once. You can find links to the mods here:
What is the best class according to you?Best in terms of fun and strength, in other words, which class do you prefer to play to have fun and win2016-12-01
What would be the best system to prevent participants to choose always the same class/race in the next tournament?"X rounds cooldown" for instance means if you played Goblin on round 1, you can play it again only on round 1+X+1 (applies to class & race). 2016-11-15
What games of Triumph Studios have you played?Are you a true fan of Triumph? (multiple answers possible!)2016-09-27
Would you be ready to give some money for a tournament in order to get a (small) prize for the winners?Money collected would be spent on prizes for the top 3 (+ maybe a little to pay for site hosting). Payments could be through Paypal, etc. Prizes: Steam/GoG vouchers, t-shirts, cups, etc.2016-09-02
Which teams do you think will be in the top 3 of the PBEM 2vs2 tournament?List of teams can be found here: Please select 3 answers2016-08-09
What specialisations do you use most of the time? (multiple choice)Please indicate up to 5 spec you use most of the time with your leaders2016-06-23
In what types of tournaments would you participate if they were organized?New tournaments will be organized in 2016 and your opinion can help choose which ones to organize first (multiple answers allowed)2016-06-09
Using Zaskow Mod on LMP TournamentSay yes or no2016-03-31
How should the PBEM tournament continue for its next rounds?Should a mod be used to fix balance issues. Please chek here the list of changes in Zaskow's balance mod: 2016-03-31
What do you think about the balance of race / class / specialization AFTER the changes proposed by Zaskow by 31/01/2016?See changes up to 31/01/2016 here:; select an item (multiple answers possible) if you think it is NOT well balanced2016-03-31
What do you think about the balances proposed by Zaskow?See first topic here: ; select one answer if you think the class or race is NOT well balanced by the modifications proposed2016-03-31
Which kind of multiplayer games do you prefer?Please select one of choices (multiple choices possible).
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