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Registration for a PBEM Duel Tournament will open on 15 October 

Following two successful PBEM tournaments, the first one a Duel Tournament which reached its final phase and the second one a 2 vs 2 Team Tournament about to start its second round, a new PBEM Duel Tournament will open registration at the end of the week. The tournament is expected to start in 2 to 3 months.

By Hiliadan | 19:16 11. 10. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments
LMP Tournament Video 

Video from Final Game Dreadreapr vs Azazzir

By myl_supporter | 09:14 23. 09. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments
Initial progresses on the Shadow Realm community-made expansion 

The community-made expansion is making progress and it is time to have a quick look at one more unit from the new Dark Elf Dwelling, an ancient faction which might return, and one of the structure encountered in the Shadow Realm!

By Hiliadan | 13:23 18. 09. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments
PBEM balance mod v1.17 released and v1.18 soon ready 

After some delays, v1.17 of the community PBEM balance mod has been released on a new "beta branch" of the mod. It corrects a few bugs found in v1.16 and update the descriptions of abilities, to increase users' confort while using the mod. The changelog of v1.18 is also ready: this version tackles Death March and Arch Druid's evolve mechanisms, both of which were considered over-powerful. New releases will now be first pushed to the new "beta branch" and will be released on the main balance mod only after several days/weeks of tests.

By Hiliadan | 07:33 10. 09. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments
Round 1 of the PBEM 2 vs 2 team tournament has started! 

16 teams and 32 players will fight for several months to win the first PBEM team tournament organised on the! The first two rounds will be bloody as the three favourite teams meet straight away! The winning team will get a nice cup in real life.

By Hiliadan | 18:39 10. 08. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments

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